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For medium and large sized lenses and cameras with a max load of 45KG, the PRO has spring counter balance, no image creep, the double ball system for simple horizon levelling and Arca Swiss mount. A perfect solution for even the longest lens, don't forget our range of BigFoot to get the most out of your PRO head.
€ 540
ships at 10 of March

Our most popular tripodhead,now

equipped with a levered quick release clamp.

€ 590
in stock

With new and improved clamping

a special mounting plate that fits directly onto the FlexShooter head and allows you to mount two long lens based systems

€ 240
in stock

L-plate for the Microfit system,

with only 30g, the lightest L-bracket in the world.

€ 110
in stock
BigFoot for the Canon 200-400mm+1.4 TC L IS lenses
€ 95
in stock

Twinshooter with new and improved clamping

Double Pro kit with Pro head and Twin Shooter 

€ 690
in stock

Lensfoot replacement foot for Canon telephoto lenses

€ 95
in stock
Microfit kit with L-plate and Mini ballhead
€ 520