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BigFoot Sling

€ 63
Availability: out of stock
Shoulder strap for your long lens with quick release plug


length 100cm
material polyester with steel endings


Our FlexShooter heads are designed to make your long lenses weightless, but we recognise there are times when you need to carry your lens on your shoulder when moving location and they are far from weightless! So to make carrying your long lens easier we have integrated this cool padded shoulder strap with our BigFoot range of replacement long lens feet. We call it the BigFoot Sling. It clicks neatly into each end of the BigFoot, you don’t need any adaptors or anything, it’s just click-click and off you go! The Big Foot Sling is better than competitive products as supports the lens in TWO places, keeping it stable whilst walking and reducing the load on your shoulder.