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FlexShooter Extreme

€ 850
Expected delivery: May 28, 2024
Availability: in stock
Shipping fee: Free
For large sized equipment with 58mm ball diameter, leveled with the unique double-ball system. The spring balanced tilt function provides you the trouble-free support, even for the super telephoto lenses
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World's only spring balanced multifunctional ballhead.
The patented double ball system unites the three functions in one device, of which the outer ball has two functions.
First it works as a classic, low profile ballhead, confined in a teflon filled high quality plastic sleeve, which provide you the stickless motion and adjustable tension.
When you use the inner ball, the outer ball has another function, it provides you a level plane for the pan and tilt motion of the inner ball. The level plane can be set with a precision bubble level with a very high accuracy.
The motion of the inner ball is limited to two axis, works as a two-way head, which you normally need for using your camera for landscapes, telephoto, sport photography, etc.
Importantly, the weight of your camera is balanced by a patented spring mechanism, which is in a class by itself, the only spring balanced ballhead in the world, therefore it may truly replace your gimbal head.
The Arca swiss style clamp was designed specifically for the FlexShooter ballheads, it is containing the adjustment mechanism of the inner ball, thereby makes possible to reduce the overall height of the unit. It makes possible to mount your camera the proper direction for the two-way head, either you are using a  lensfoot or a cameraplate. 


material anodized aircraft grade aluminium alloy
weight 1150 g
center ball diameter 58 mm
outer ball diameter 82 mm
base diameter 79 mm
tripod thread 3/8"
Maximum load 60 kg (130lbs)
Arca Swiss-style two-way clamp
adjustable friction for both balls
precision bubble level
built-in spring balance for tilt movement